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Having studied how cybercriminals operate, Cyber Security Partners has developed tried and tested methods to identify threats to your internal network and nullify them.

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Nullify Threats Against Your Network

We can simulate cyber attacks on your corporate networks, putting your security tools to the test. Using the human element, alongside cutting-edge software, we can quickly assess your network’s vulnerabilities and suggest the best course of action.

Both Black and White Hat tests can be run, according to your needs. Ultimately, our tests will look for a variety of weaknesses, including:

  • Unpatched systems.
  • Unnecessary services.
  • Misconfigurations.
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Wi-Fi Testing

Wi-Fi is an important part of your corporate network. By simply exploiting one aspect of your Wi-Fi network, hackers can trace a chain of opportunities, leading them to back-end resources and sensitive data. Cyber Security Partners has the expertise to stop them in their tracks.

Using specialist software and extensive experience, we can replicate a Wi-Fi hacking attack and:

  • Gather information on security protocols, connected devices and network strength
  • Test the strength of encrypted channels
  • Follow your streams of communication back to sensitive data
  • Simulate multi-staged attacks
  • Provide you with detailed reports for immediate remediation
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The Benefits of Cyber Security Partners’ Network Testing Services

Cyber Security Partners’ Network Penetration Tests will provide you with a detailed information on any actual and exploitable vulnerabilities in your business network.

In addition to protecting your company’s most precious assets against cybercriminals and malicious attack, this information offers up other benefits:

  • Avoid loss of productivity and revenue from maliciously-engineered network downtime.
  • Spend intelligently on your security, through analysing your security’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Maintain customer loyalty through protecting the integrity of your brand.
  • Ensure your conformity with auditing and compliance regulations, to avoid fines.
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Network Hacking: The Art of Exploitation

All a hacker needs to exploit your corporate network is control over one of its user systems. Once that has been established, hackers are then able to entrench themselves in your network by implanting the appropriate software into the operating system.

With a firm foothold, a hacker can then analyse your operating systems, network configuration and security measures. Once analysed, they can then spread malware, steal sensitive information or even attack your corporate infrastructure.

Network Penetration Testing can save your business significant sums of money and provide you with effective, considered strategies to combat cybercriminals before they damage your brand.

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